What’s With Yachts?

Yacht is everything it is perceived to be – a quintessence of luxury lifestyle, a status symbol and even convenience for that matter. Dating back to the 16th centuries, the Dutch navy used these vessels as a means of detaining pirates. It was then conveyed to England from the Netherlands, wherein Charles II boarded along with an escort of thirteen yachts to claim his throne and has been utilised to transport high-status people ever since. Over the years, yacht has loosened its barrier – which was once reserved to important people – and it is now used more commonly as the ultimate posh recreational charter for enviable high society. Here are some of the types of fabulous yachts that you simply should know.

  • Motor Yacht
    If you’re looking for something within your moderate budget, then this is the yacht for you. Most familiar cruiser in the market, the motor yacht is usually designed with a single hull.This makes it much easier to glide as it cuts heavy waves.
  • Open Yacht
    Known for its agility, an open yacht offers an ideal experience for fast offshore cruising. Although smaller in terms of interior, the yacht features a smooth, sporty lightweight construction that allows it to propel with breeze and comfort. Think sports car aerodynamics but on water instead.
  • Expedition Yacht
    In simpler term, this luxury vessel is indeed similar to a cruise ship – only a little smaller. Not only is it vast and versatile; the charter can also travel safely at sea for a long duration. One is able to voyage in the comfort of a lavish hotel-like interior while exploring every corner world with complete privacy.
  • Catamaran
    As opposed to a single-hulled boat, the catamaran is a dual-hulled watercraft built with lightweight materials (such as fibre glass) which enables it to slice through rough waves as well as strong gust. These are the factors contributing to the catamarans’ stability and swiftness, as there is less friction on water.
  • Mega Yacht
    This charter is also amid the most sellable yachts in the market. Mega yachts are typically as short as 35-40 metres in length and can even measure up to about 200 metres long – which could be as big as cruise ships. It is more or less a median between a motor and an expedition yacht.
  • Classic Yacht
    As its name suggests, classic yachts basically refer to vintage-inspired or elegant old-fashioned vessels that are made of wood and steel. Though it seems almost archaic to most, purist would attest to the schooner’s fine and modern craftsmanship that are remodelled to suit an opulent atmosphere of a grand living space.
  • Sportfish Yacht
    Anyone who enjoys fishing or even angling would definitely find this one a real catch. Similar to a common fishing boat, this yacht is decked with all the fishing gear and a huge storage space for the day’s catches. But what sets it apart is its endurance for rough waters as well as its ability to stay out at sea for a long time – apt for those who revel in discovering uncharted fishing spots.
  • Gulet
    A Turkish yacht that was once used to transports good has indeed come a long way; only now, it is inclined towards a leisure charter to transport guests. With its high level of sturdiness, the gulet helps immensely in preventing motion sickness – making it ideal for the whole family. This charter can be seen around the cruising grounds of Turkey as well as the eastern Mediterranean.
  • Sailing Yacht
    One word to describe this vessel: propulsion. Catered to yachtsmen with compulsive desires for thrill and excitement, the sailing yacht is primarily used for the purpose of racing and cruising. It is built with a tall triangular mainsail called Bermuda rig, which helps thrust the vessel using wind power – particularly on open waves – with ease.
  • Flybridge Yacht
    This family-friendly yacht is constructed for an ultimate comfort experience with an all-around view of its surroundings. Not only is it easy to handle, the flybridge focal attraction also revolves around its spacious open deck, control station, as well as a comfortable, luxurious lounging space – which is perfect for the rainy weather.
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