Since 1715, Martell has created its own world of refinement and pleasure and throughout the span of 300 years, it chose to challenge convention and assert insightful and inspiring independence. Desiring perfection with a thought of the future which could be found in every passionate creation, this old French cognac house which was founded by Jean Martell has constantly been known to produce cognac of the highest quality and has also been in the luxury goods market. It is also one of the world’s leading brands in cognac and is successfully well known even in Asia.

The famous L’Or De Jean Martell, with its glamorous packaging comprising a unique hand painted crystal decanter and a semi-circular shaped gold-plated stopper is an awesome sight to behold. Created by Cristal de Sèvres, the decanter’s stopper contains graphic elements consisting of the Martell’s name. Meanwhile, a jewel presentation case was also designed by Eric Gizard to match its elegant decanter. On the other hand, the waves on the decanter were inspired by the wavy cognac vineyards. This renowned cognac, which was created from 400 extremely rare eaux-de-vie (which are some 100 years of age), originates from the Grande Champagne and Borderies terroir. The results of the blend are a taste that exudes the feeling of richness and power.

Best served during special occasions, the cognac is an intense amber with a mixture of shining mahogany in colour, whereas its taste is a mixture of citrus, such as bergamot and orange peel plus blackcurrant, cloves and cinnamon with a tinge of vanilla, woody notes such as myrrh and rancio, some hazelnut and even honey. The cognac also has a delightfully light and silky-smooth feel accompanied by rich flavours such as blackcurrant, gingerbread and orange peel. However, the aftertaste would be a bit bitter and it’s filled with prunes, blackened fruitcakes and grilled nuts. Overall, notes of violets, ginger, gingerbread, nutmeg, toffee, citrus, some different kinds of fruits, precious wood and caramel are found in the cognac. It could also be best savoured with a cigar.

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