The Master And The Masterpieces

The Selangor-born Jalaini Abu Hassan, also known as Jai is one of Malaysia’s renowned artists whose work revolves mainly around living objects. His masterpieces have been displayed, privately or publicly, in various art places internationally and locally. Jai has won numerous awards and his works are much sought after as a collection set by art galleries such as the Petronas Gallery.

Jalaini Abu Hassan has an intense passion in painting and drawing, especially when it comes to the use of raw materials. His concept of consistently breaking the technical possibilities in the area of experimental
media is his well-known trademark.

Completing his education and achieving his Bachelor’s Degree from MARA Institute of Technology, which is now known as UITM, Jalaini continued to pursue his studies in the Slade School of Fine Art in London and also at the
Pratt Institute, New York where he attained his Master’s Degree and also a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.
This famous artist gets his inspirations from past experiences, regardless of it being something in his imagination or about various realistic happenings.

His artworks are products of his life memories. Jalaini’s works revolves around traditional Malay and also modern international culture. He is even inspired by natural and man-made environmental surroundings, be it the
kampung or the hustle bustle of city life. His paintings well depict our unique Malaysian traditions. He also enjoys exploring and experimenting with materials and how ‘marks’ form drawings. His aim is to characterise Malaysian’s vernacular image in his drawings and display his proud heritage and culture for the world to witness.

Jalaini’s artworks are some of the most well known in Malaysia. His paintings have been portrayed in many solo exhibitions such as at the Solo Drawing Exhibition at Malaysian Hall, Solo Exhibition at Pearson Building,
Drawing at New Gallery, Drawing at Gallery KSSR, Lifeform at Gallery Taksu, Refound Object at Gallery Taksu, Jai-Drawing With the Mind’s Eye at National Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition at Gallery Taksu, Project Room at
Barbara Greene Fine Art, Jai at Sunjin Gallery, Jai at Gallery Taksu, Rhythmic Line at Gallery Petronas, Linear Narratives at Gallerie Taksu, Work In Progress at Gallerie Taksu, Mantera at Valentine Willie Fine Art, Wet Pain at Valentine Willie Fine Art, Berlacu Berdepa, Berlagu Berdepa at Valentine Willie Fine Art, Chanang at Borobudur Auction Building, Bisik Menjerit at Valentine Willie Fine Art, Dendongeng at Valentine Willie Fine Art, Dato’ Rock at APW Bangsar and Painting Industry at Equator Arts Project.

Jalaini has also won various awards in the competitions he has taken part in such as Asean Youth Painting Workshop or Exhibition Travel Grant, Young Contemporaries Competition, HongKong and Shanghai Bank Art Competition, Murray Hill Art Competition and Rado Switzerland Commission.

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