The Legacy By The House Of Angostura

When seven of Angostura’s rare and precious rums come together in a special blend, nothing short of a grand celebration may be called for. Indeed, the House of Angostura created the world’s most unique rum, Legacy, to toast Trinidad’s 50th anniversary of independence. The exclusive and super-limited edition of Legacy by Master Distiller, John Georges, took 6 years to complete on the back of some 50 years of the combined experiences of master blenders.


Branded as one of the world’s most highly-priced rums, Legacy by Angostura is made up of an exclusive mixture of the seven most rare, unique and cherished rums. The bottle of the rum was designed by Asprey of London and is presented in a 500ml decanter, completed with an intricately crafted stopper which took 10 master craftsmen 56 hours to complete. Asprey, the jeweller to the Prince of Wales designed and created the bottle itself from lead-free crystal with a sterling silver stopper crafted to resemble a Trinidadian butterfly. It is then placed into a wooden box covered with silk and red calf leather.


Legacy by Angostura ranges for around $25,000 per bottle and it was created to be special and unrivalled. The rums used were aged in once used 200 litre American oak bourbon casks at Angostura’s distillery located in Laventille. Due to its uniqueness, only 20 bottles of Legacy Angostura have been produced and distributed worldwide.


The rum’s unique scent is a mixture of battered tropical fruits and floral, accompanied by a slight smell of vanilla, honey, toffee, clove, raw sugar, crème caramel, dark chocolate and cinnamon. Other than that, there is also a mixture of a whiff of strong oak and roasted coffee. On the other hand, a special taste of sweet dried fruit with nutty and spicy flavours, golden syrup and barley sugar ensues. Overall, the rum also has a distinct trace of syrupiness that is surfeit and its aftertaste lingers for around a minute.

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