Tashkent hosts major International Tourism Fair

On 13-14th of April, Uzbek capital Tashkent is hosting 5th Uzbek International Tourism Fair UITF-2017 “World of Leisure”, one of the major international tourism fairs not only in CIS countries, but also for the region of all Central Asia.

Thousands of professionals gather at one place, from Uzbekistan and all its regions, as well as, from all over the world. Over 400 companies from early 30 foreign countries of the world are participate in this Fair.


This event will take place in the capital of Uzbekistan  Tashkent city biggest mega polis of Central Asia, with the population of almost 3 million people. Tashkent both modern, vibrant and rapidly developing city as well as hosting ancient historical sights. Major purpose of the event – to assist the tourism exchanges from many countries and to boost growing tourism sector and promotion of tourism destinations of Uzbekistan.


The President of Uzbekistan Mr.Shavkat Mirziyaev, during last several months, initiated major decisions with the aim to give major boost to the tourism industry of the country. Last year, over 2 million international tourists visited Uzbekistan – a country, which is reach in historic-architectural cities, who’s glory would known for the centuries.

You name Samarkand – an ancient city of legends with hundreds of hundreds beautiful historical monuments, mausoleums and, of course, its heart and pearl – Registan Square. Within city-limits is Afrasiab, with 2700 year of history. For decades, uzbek and foreign archeologists have been conducting research of the ground of this ancient city-civilization and are regularly finding invaluable richnesses, dating back to times of ancient Greece and Rome.



Bukhara – spiritual heart of entire Central Asia since Medieval Times, where Islam were tought in hundreds of madrasah for the centuries. Let me say just one great name around the globe-Imam Al Bukhari, who was the Great Islamic Scholar and Philosopher, known in Islamic world as Amir al Muminin fi al Hadith.



Many thousands of Muslims from all over the World every year visit his shrine in city of Samarkand, including many hundreds of Malaysians. There are many other prominent to all Islamic world scholars, like Imam At-Termizi, Bakhouddin Naqshbandi, Imam Al Beruni, Imam Al Ferghani and many others, whose’s shrines are in various cities of Uzbekistan.


Khiva – untouched by pass of times entire Old City – Ichan Kala, which is translated from Uzbek as Interior Fortress. This plays was existing untouched in its authentity for hundreds years, and as such remains today. Inner city is abundant with many shops of local craftsmen, you can find anything you need, starting with ceramics, various types of handmade carpets, gaurments and e.t.c. There are hundreds of local cafes and restaurants serving uzbek, european, asian and many other types of cuisine.


There are many other beautiful cities of Uzbekistan one needs to visit, to see and feel the pass of the time and history.

The great potential of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz and other cities, many sacred places of the Muslim world, the mausoleums of prominent scientists and educators of Islamic civilization have been for decades of great interest for Malaysians. So this tourism fair, which is being held in Uzbek capital, are a perfect venue to do useful business to promote tourism to the heart of Central Asia – Uzbekistan.




Author: Dato R.Rajendran – CEO of RHA Media Sdn Bhd

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