Rules of Fine Dining

Admit it. Fine dining etiquette can be a little bit of a conundrum. Naturally, you are expected to act in a sophisticated manner while trying to dig into all those tantalizing multi-course meals. No doubt fine dining is an amazing experience, but it may be as difficult as solving puzzles – especially if you’re not familiar with proper formal dining etiquette. Well, fret not; we’ve got a few tips sorted out for you in order that you may avoid social embarrassment.

Let your host or hostess take the lead

Always wait for your host or hostess to start his/her meal before tucking in. You wouldn’t want to be the odd one eating first now, would you?

Know the use of your silverwares

Before you step into any fine dining restaurant, make sure you do your homework on how the cutleries should be handled. Hint: For those who find themselves genuinely lost, follow the host or hostess.

Cellphones off the table

No matter how important Facebook or Instagram notifications are to you, do not use your phone during mealtime. It is utterly distracting – except when it is an important call.

Don’t return your wine

Even if the wine is not up to your preference, it is better to just stick to it especially when you have requested for an expensive bottle. If it is really bad, do explain to the waiter politely.

Never leave a spoon in the soup bowl

Remember to scoop your soup away from you, bring it to your mouth slowly and sip it quietly. Once you are done, place your spoon on the plate, behind or beneath the soup bowl.

Always dress appropriately

Dress code is important especially when it involves meeting clients. Men should be in suits and ties while evening gowns or suits are suitable for women. If you don’t own any fancy outfit, just remember to avoid wearing casual clothing like jeans, shorts, t-shirts or sandals.

Be quick to decide on your meals

The last thing you want to see is a table full of hungry diners waiting as you peruse repeatedly over the menu while being irresolute. If you can’t decide, just go with what most have ordered.

Never tuck your napkin into your shirt

Always unfold and spread the napkin on your lap once you have settled yourself. When you are done or need to excuse yourself, place the napkin next to your plate on the left.

Talking with one’s mouth full

Whatever it is that you want to say, it can always wait until you are done chewing. No one wants to see what it is in your mouth. Besides, it prevents you from choking on your food.

No footsies under the table

Forget what you see in movies; footsies are considered discourteous when dining. It is best to talk in private once everyone is done. But if it’s important or urgent, excuse yourself courteously.




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