Pearl of the Orient

A captivating blend of the East and West, “Pearl of the Orient” embodies the contemporary while preserving its traditions and ancient charm.

Historically, Penang was the channel between Asia’s two halves and the port to the markets of Europe and the Middle East due to its strategic location at the juncture of Asia’s great kingdoms and empire’s colonization. Today, the culture of this region, passed over decades of colonialism, commercial activity, hosting tourists and preserving backyards has become one of Malaysia’s most tolerant, cosmopolitan and exciting city.

The well-preserved heritage buildings and the tranquillity of the land have put George Town on the UNESCO World Heritage Site map. Its distinctive, yet unique architectural and historical sites as well as cultural townscapes are quite unmatched in Southeast Asia and in the East. Besides, every clan-mansion and building in George Town portray Penang’s colorful art history and every single street corner has its own captivating tale to tell.

Believers and non-believers alike would be thrilled at the sight of the magnificent and mesmerizing churches, mosques and temples which exude the essence of the local culture. The St George’s Church and Kuan Yin Temple that were built in 1816 and 1728 respectively are Penang’s oldest church and temple. One ought not to miss visiting these two landmarks when in Penang.

In addition to all the cultural, historical and religious attractions, Penang is also well-known for its street food. The variety and unforgettable taste of the food serve to draw in the crowd – locals and tourists alike. Malay, Chinese, Indian, Nyonya as well as a host of other cuisine are easily available and it would be such a pity if one were to miss this food adventure when in Penang. Besides the traditional local delights, there is also the fascinating local Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine which has been greatly influenced by the food culture from mainland China. One must also make a trip to the two most-frequented hawker food places at Gurney Drive and Lorong Baru to savour the myriad of gastronomical delights at reasonable prices.

Besides being long regarded as the food capital of Malaysia, the immensely divine coastlines and well-preserved parks of Penang such as Batu Ferringhi, National Park, and Penang Hill are popular tourist spots. Nature lovers and beach goers would certainly have a field day visiting and enjoying these places.

Frankly speaking, one would be hard put to find a place like Penang which has so much to offer with its wondrous and enchanting blend of nature, tradition and history. And it is not called ‘Pearl of the Orient’for nothing.

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