Parcel of the Abundant Arable

Nestled in the far-end of Selangor, Sekinchan is fondly known to be a humble abode for fishermen and farmers alike. With a history that spans over 90 years, this coastal town began as a little fishing village at Bagan, which was predominantly populated by the Teochew community. In 1953, the Malayan Communists Party rebels were segregated and beached at this settlement without any resources or support from the government. They eventually formed four villages with different purposes (with Bagan being one of them). Nonetheless, Sekinchan continues to flourish with lush green paddy fields and water brimming with fresh catches.

As its name suggests, ‘Sekinchan’ translates “village suitable for farming” in Chinese. But before it got its identity, Teochew settlers termed it ‘Ang Moh Kang’ as it is was first colonised by the British and was later referred to as ‘Cha Lak Gi’ by the Hokkiens – since it is located 16 miles from Kuala Selangor. Aside from fishing, its rich and vast land (more than 4,000 acres) has been employed for agriculture purposes, making it the largest rice producing region in Malaysia.

Sekinchan is located about 100km north of Kuala Lumpur – approximately a 90-minute drive away. Over the years, this laid-back town quickly turned into a tourist destination when it was showcased in a famous Hong Kong TV show as well as in Yasmin Ahmad’s Mukhsin. This tranquil spot is also one of the nearest alternative you can get for a day trip destination – for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The easy route to Sekinchan even offers a picturesque view – one with meandering roads fringed by villages and opulent greenery landscape along the way. While this quaint town is idyllic for photographers, you can find droves of city-dwellers flocking to its numerous attractions, capturing endless memorabilia especially during weekends and public holidays.

For those wondering where to begin, Bagan would be a good start. Here, you will be spoilt for fresh seafood choices with nothing but the freshest haul – including eels, red snappers, stingrays, squids, crustaceans – and exceptionally succulent fishballs. Another hotspot worth visiting is the famed Pantai Redang. After years of improvement, this beach is now a main spot apt for family-friendly leisure activities, with kite-flying being one of them. In addition, it would be a sin (well, not really) if you miss the conspicuous ‘wishing’ tree. Clad in hundreds of red ribbons, the tree holds the wishes of people for their dreams to come true. Other than that, you can also pay a visit to Nan Tian temple as well as to the paddy processing gallery.

Your trip at Sekinchan is incomplete without savouring some of its finest seafood at Bagan. With an active fishing activity, this seafood haven is sure to whip up your appetite – the best and freshest produce cooked the Teochew style. Before you end your outing, be sure to stop for some gigantic saccharine mangoes!

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