Pampering The Urban Gentleman

Founded in 2004 off Berkeley Square at the heart of Mayfair in London, Gentlemen’s Tonic is a unique, award-wining traditional barbershop brand with a niche urban spa concept for men, and a purveyor of assorted grooming and beauty products, as well as accessories. The brand reflects two aspects, as ‘Gentlemen’ indicates exclusive dedication to the needs of the modern man, and ‘Tonic’ signifies restorative properties of their products and services.

Offering luxury spa services and beauty products for men that have been tested carefully, Gentlemen’s Tonic is designed to promote a sense of well-being and vitality, providing clients with the opportunity to experience the highest level of exclusive care, and attention.

The company developed, and launched its own product line in 2008, specifically formulated for men’s grooming needs. It features a bespoke fragrance incorporating natural ingredients free from synthetic materials, and harmful chemical additives. It is not just distinctive and authentic, but also made entirely in the UK, re-iterating the brand’s reputation as an industry leader.

The luxury establishment offers barbering, grooming and lifestyle treatments or services, as well as products sold within their establishments and through third-party retailers. Furthermore, their Babassu and Bergamot range launched in 2008 featured 8 core products; a number which has now grown into 16. Garnering numerous accolades over the years, Gentlemen’s Tonic launched 3 fragrances in 2014, which are Sinsa, Junzi, and Honos. The fragrances offer a personal dimension rich in heritage, and contemporary style, by fusing old with new.

Gentlemen’s Tonic works successfully with prestigious retailers, department stores, websites in countries worldwide, as well as with pharmacies, concept stores, independent retailers, perfumeries, premium barber shops, hair salons, spas, and hotels. Due to an overwhelming demand in the industry, it developed the first of only 3 scientifically-engineered and tested facials based on a proprietary layering technique that allows the product to penetrate into the lower levels of the dermis. Furthermore, April 2015 saw the launch of the 6 Advanced Derma Care retail range which is the very first to be devised and designed exclusively for male skincare.

Additionally, Gentlemen’s Tonic has outlets in numerous countries all over the world aside from their flagship store in Mayfair, London. International outlets include those in Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and Russia, to list a few, with the latest being the opening of Gentlemen’s Tonic right here in Malaysia as of July 2016. Located in the contemporary Publika, this outlet is a pioneer for a luxury niche urban spa concept for men. Learn more about the brand by visiting

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