Improving Women’s Health

In today’s fast-paced society, we are constantly chasing for everything from time to work, appointments – you name it. More often than not, it can be mentally and physically overwhelming. Having to juggle between work, family and other life priorities, you find yourself in turmoil – always stressing over nitty-gritty things. Well if that sounds like your current lifestyle, then one thing is for certain: you need to make some changes. Radical changes are never easy; hence, here are some simple steps that you can follow to ensure a longer, healthier life.


Breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings

Studies have shown that women who are in their mid 40s and above are more prone to breast cancer. It is crucial to get regular check-ups in order to detect this disease at an early stage where treatment works the best.


Practise yoga

Hailing from India, this mind-healing exercise was originally practised by the yogis – as a way of clearing their thoughts and stretching (to avoid stiff back) before meditation. Today, many practise yoga for its myriads of health benefits such as relieving chronic backaches and neck pains, building stronger bones, reducing stress, increasing flexibility and many more.


Load up on cinnamon

We’re definitely not referring to sugary Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. However, this versatile spice is a good source of antioxidant, dietary fibre, calcium, iron as well as vitamin K. Cinnamon aids in lowering cholesterol level, fighting cancer, preventing arthritis and promotes weight loss. The best way to eat it is to top it on bananas, apples or oatmeal and you are good to go.


Practise meditation

Aside from yoga, meditative practice encourages everything from health to spiritual benefits for the body and mind. This form of deep relaxation has proven to increase immunity, cure unhealthy emotions, increase fertility and most of all, attaining enlightenment. All you need is a serene place and at least 10 minutes from your busy schedule. Remember to focus on your breaths.


Join kickboxing classes

Who said kickboxing is only suitable for men? This adrenalin-pumping workout combines a series of martial arts and cardio technique that is guaranteed to ward off all those stubborn fats. Since it provides a full-body workout, kickboxing also helps in toning your body as well as improving flexibility. Plus, it is great for self-defence and you can release your aggression in a healthy way!


Move around more

For those of you who work long hours, sitting for more than eight hours may put you at a higher risk of getting diseases like obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The least you can do during work hours is to get away from your computer for a few minutes and move around. Better still, take the stairs, walk to your lunch place or take public transport; anything that requires more movements to avoid the perils of a desk-bound life!


Cut your caffeine intake

Your day is never complete without your mandatory morning (or evening) caffeine intake. Almost like a drug, it gets you energized for the day even if you don’t have enough sleep. But what you don’t know is that caffeine consumption contributes to the loss of bone density, a decline in cognitive functions and even miscarriage. It is best to stick to no more than two cups a day.


Laugh out loud!

There is no doubt that the famous saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is absolutely true. Humour is indeed a good antidote for any negative emotions. Health wise, laughter boosts immunity, lowers stress hormones, relieves anxiety and fear as well as keeping your qualms at bay. It is alright to be playful or watch a comedy movie from time to time.


Hit the dance floor

Forget crossword puzzles or chess games; it is time you put your dancing shoes on and hit the dance floor! Truth be told, dancing is a healthy form of workout. It really doesn’t matter if you have got a rhythm or not, any kind of complex moves can help enhance your I.Q., coordination and agility, tone your physique and endurance as well as to build a good self-esteem. Don’t sit around and wait, just get into the groove!


Chocolate is a girl’s best friend

We can (safely) refer to dark chocolate as a superfood. It is loaded with healthy chemicals like flavonoid, theobromine, iron, copper and manganese. Studies claim that dark chocolate improves the heart condition and blood flow, protects the skin against sun-induced damage and of course, cures any broken heart. But remember to stick to chocolate with at least 70 percent cacao and limit your chocolate intake to four dark chocolate bars a week.


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