Improving Men’s Health

We can all agree that the topic of men’s health is not emphasized as much as it should in public health discussions. Men also tend to neglect their health by diverting most of their time and energy to work – not considering its long term adverse effects. In fact, studies suggest that men have higher chances of getting diseases such as cancer, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, heart diseases and cirrhosis compared to women. The good news is that these illnesses can be prevented. So, forget costly medical treatments; here are ten easy tips on how you can practise early prevention methods.

Strengthen the muscles and increase testosterone levels

Depending on the intensity of your workouts, strength training helps in increasing testosterone levels. It is best to lift heavy weights and decrease your sets rather than pursuing moderate workouts like aerobics – which won’t do you much good.

Reduce alcohol and cigarette intake

Doctors, psychologists, medical advisors, mum, dad – you name it –harp on this factor all the time without fail. Taking in tobacco and alcohol greatly affect the male reproductive system – leading to the decrease of sperm production, testosterone levels in the blood and even impotency.

Sing your lungs out

In addition to reducing stress hormones, singing also decrease risks of cardiac arrest and it even balances your heart rate. Perfect excuse to belt out your favourite tunes during heavy traffic jams, perhaps?

Eat lean red meat

Red meat (such as beef and pork) contains higher level of protein compared to poultry. Although it has a little more fat content, red meat is a good source of lysine – a type of amino acid which helps with the production of antibodies and growth as well as strengthening bones. However, binging on them may cause harmful heart diseases, high blood pressure and so on.

Eat more ginger

Not only does it add punch to most Asian dishes, ginger is also known for its plethora of healing effects and a vital source of vitamins and minerals for men. Aside from aiding digestion, it can help prevent colorectal cancer, heart diseases while promoting longevity.

Go for regular checkups

Drop the excuses and make it a point to go for annual health checkups. You may or may not be satisfied with your results but by getting the right health services, screenings, and treatments, you have an added advantage of identifying and nipping illnesses at an early stage.

Consume sour cherry

It is known that gout usually occurs among middle-aged folks specifically men (by ten times as compared to women). Sour cherries carry potent compounds (anthocyanins and bioflavonoids), making them one of the best natural remedies in fighting inflammations and reducing uric acid in the bloodstream. 10-12 cherries a day should do the trick.

More sex, less stress

What better way to release steam than with some good lovin’? Research suggests that sex has a lot of benefits to it. This includes enhancing libido, lowering the risks of prostate cancer and high blood pressure as well as improving your sleep pattern. Plus, it is a fun workout!

Acupuncture treatment

If getting needled is not your idea of treatment, then it’s time you start taking acupuncture into consideration. Albeit it sounds ironic that needles help relieve pain, acupuncture lessens anxiety, stress as well as maintaining good prostate health.

Drink watermelon rind juice

Yes, the peel that holds this waterlogged fruit is indeed beneficial. Besides vitamin A and C, potassium and magnesium, the rind contains a concentration of L-citruline – a type of amino acid – which helps widen blood vessels and improve blood circulation. Plus, other benefits such as reducing risks of erectile dysfunction, blood pressure and prostate cancer. How does one consume the stuff? Simply juice it and chug it!

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