Hong Kong’s Top Architectural Firms

Renowned for being the most vertical city on Earth, modern marvel Hong Kong is the epitome of urban engineering for its architectural feats in turning a small island into one of the most developed metropolitans of the world. The centre of modern architecture prevails not without facing any limitations – extreme population density and limited flat land are both some of the main concerns in erecting its ever-expanding skyline. The world’s third-most important financial centre also has an almost-immaculate public transportation system, allowing over 90% of its citizens to rely on mass transit daily. The alpha city undeniably owes much of these technological achievements to its excellent team of architects and we at Top10Lifestyles.com share our list of the top architectural firms of this metropolis.


K&W Architects Limited

The brainchild of Kwan Wing Hong, K&W was formerly known as Kwan & Partners before its restructuring. Kwan, a formidable figure in the country’s architecture scene, has more than 40 years of experience in the industry – which serves as a testament to his commitment in enhancing the built environment of Hong Kong. One will never be able to disassociate the firm from its founder. Kwan’s persistence in emphasizing on energy efficiency and design excellence has brought his firm public recognition in its achievements. Some of the firm’s past achievements include the First Prize of the design competition for Maybank Chambers in Singapore (work in association with SYL Architects Ltd) and Certificates of Merit for Energy Building Award for Salisbury Garden/Palace Mall and Haven of Hope Hospital.


At Zero Design Limited

Comprising a professional team of vastly-experienced architects and designers, At Zero has focused on projects for retail, habitation and community since its existence. Its clients for the retail projects include various global high-end and famous brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss and Cartier. Known for utilising a design methodology called ‘Community Participatory Design Approach’, the firm has also been appointed by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and Caritas Hong Kong as the design architect for several youth and community centres. The At Zero team is also responsible for many unique residential townhouses and apartments in downtown Hong Kong.


Edge Design Institute Ltd

Founded in 1994, Edge Design Institute gradually became a studio for innovative multi-disciplinary design with a core focus on the concept of space. The studio mainly pursues a variety of creative and original projects in the area of urban planning, architecture, interior and exhibition. Edge’s methodical design approach is famed for its objective of making positive changes to the environment from limited amount of resources. The studio also prioritises on tapping into the vast design potential garnered by working together with clients and specialists to find ways to make the greatest contribution between clients’ ventures and the studio practice.



Widely recognised within the industry as one of the most vibrant and dynamic architectural design studios in the region, DCMSTUDIOS has offices and associated practices in Hong Kong, Australia,  Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and the United Kingdom. Established in 1976, the design studio in Hong Kong functions as the head office of the group and is design-directed by James Gibson who possesses more than 30 years of international professional experience in countless countries. Servicing mainly retail clients with involvement in other diverse industries as well, the studio has satisfied customers in the likes of Louis Vuitton, Starwood Hotels, The Hong Kong Bank and Cathay Pacific Airways to its credit.



Internationally renowned Benoy is an award-winning firm of architects and master planners with both interior and graphic designers to boot. Boasting studios across the globe in the UK, Middle East, India, and China, the firm is truly a leading creative force of the world. Founded in 1947, the team behind the firm takes pride in its international experience and local understanding as well as creative flair and design integrity. This allows the team to consistently deliver architectural solutions that are not only inspiring and enduring, but also cost effective and commercially sound. The firm operates on a simple motto – ‘Benoy Offer’.


Far Eastern Architecture Office

A major player in the urban development of mainland China, Far Eastern Architecture Office dominates the industry with its international team of experienced architects from Europe, North America and China. Featuring a business scope that covers urban planning, architectural design and landscape planning among others, the firm dedicates itself to provide international standard craftsmanship to all of its clients across the board. Far Eastern is also illustrious for its hands-on procedure, closely following the whole process of a project from design to construction to ensure the integration between the various stages. The local representative for the firm in China is Suzhou Zhuchuang Architecture Design Co. Ltd.


HS Design International Limited

HS Design is an international architectural practice with extensive international experience in various fields, especially in town planning, office, hotel, residential and industrial design. The firm’s principle is to adapt advanced design theories and philosophies to meet local needs. Paying great attention to all the stages of project management, the company also emphasises on communication with clients and all related professionals. HS Design provides clients with a comprehensive range of architectural design and consulting services, including feasibility analysis, conceptual design, preliminary design, technical design, construction design, interior design, landscape design and project management among others.


Integrated Design Associates

Integrated Design Associates (IDA) strives to provide a high quality research, design and consultancy establishment for the benefit of its clients hailing from Hong Kong, China and other nations in a variety of projects that vary in their complexity and challenges. The company’s approach to design takes an integrated consideration of sustainability, environmentally as well as functionally, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, spatial awareness, user well-being and architectural aesthetics. The firm possesses extensive experience in the design and construction of projects such as airport planning, railway terminals, transportation building fixtures and signage systems.


Gravity Partnership Limited

Architects Frank Yu and Claude Wong created Gravity Partnership in 2003 with the aim of a running a hands-on, studio-style firm dedicated to creating unorthodox and groundbreaking architectural designs. Composed of motivated industry professionals who are passionate to deliver innovation through non-conventional architectural designs and work processes, the firm creates high quality designs and constantly pushes the envelope to explore new ways to achieve imaginative results. Over the past twelve years, the company has maintained a focus on community-driven works, aside from providing relief to villagers affected by natural disasters and investing time, money and creativity into Hong Kong’s leading architecture exhibitions.


JA Designs Architects Limited

JA Designs is a dynamic architecture and design practice founded by Jacques Aboukhaled in 1987. A culmination of a natural progression through the realm of creative design, the enterprise provides a comprehensive range of architectural services tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of individual clients. Renowned for its unique design flair, the company prides itself on its innovative yet pragmatic approach to architectural design. Its customised and professional services – which are adventurous yet prudent – create results which harmonise cultural sensitivity with economics. “We do not just envisage ourselves as a multi-disciplined practice, but we see ourselves as engaged wholly in pioneering architecture,” say the team.

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