Cruising with Ducati

The XDiavel brings together two worlds, the Cruise world – low speed, relaxed riding and long journeys – and the Ducati world, characterised by Italian style, refined engineering and unparalleled performance. That’s what the X in XDiavel stands for, the merging of two separate worlds on one bike, where both are accomplished without compromise.

XDiavel provides a vast scope for personalisation thanks to 4 different footrest positions, 5 different seats and three different handlebars. The passengers have the option to choose between a regular seat and a comfort seat with backrest, both as standard equipment. The XDiavel is a Ducati and as such ensures dynamic performance and the thrill of a sports bike, but only when you really want to push it to the limit. Frame, suspension, brakes and the chassis set-up have been designed to maximise sports-style riding fun, but without compromising on the comfort and easy handling that are essential when exploring the highways at a more relaxed pace.

The XDiavel is the first Ducati to use belt-type final transmission. This system has been developed for the XDiavel by Ducati engineers to ensure reliable, secure transmission of the power provided by the Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262. Belt drive offers the advantages of more silent running, cleanliness, reduced maintenance and the fluid throttle response one wants from a Cruiser. The XDiavel features a black-only colour scheme and the innovative DRL (Daytime Running Light) at the front. The on-the-road (OTR) retail price of the Ducati XDiavel without insurance with 6% GST is RM135,999.00.

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