Being Vietnam’s weird-looking hotel with artistic accommodation, the Crazy House in Dalat has indeed attracted many visitors and brought them back to their childhood fantasy while leaving them with the feeling of freedom. Also being known as the Hang Nga Guesthouse, it not only opens up its rooms for visitors to spend the night but also its door to visitors who would like to marvel at its creative architectural wonder.

Known as one of the iconic landmarks of Dalat, a popular, beautiful and peaceful mountain resort, the Crazy House is a masterpiece of Dang Viet Nga, a Vietnamese architect who painted the shapes and designs of the house while local craftsmen created them into existence. The Crazy House was created to remind people of the wonders of nature and how important it is to cherish it.

Once visitors stepped into the house, they are greeted with a spectacular sight of weird-looking windows, winding stairs, twisting concrete tree trunks, flowering vines, artificial caverns, and even stalactites and stalagmites. Other remarkable feature of the Crazy House is its shape that has semblance of a tree with uneven windows plus its tunnel-shaped stairways. The house is also decorated with rocks, overgrown climbing plants, mushroom seats, steep stairs from the neck of a large concrete giraffe, roots and branches. Overall, it looks like a giant tree house.

Guests who would like to stay for the night would get to choose the rooms which were designed based on individual animal themes such as pheasant, kangaroo, bamboo, termite, bear, gourd, land eagle, tiger and ant. Another room which is decorated with spider webs is called the honey moon room. The rooms are decorated uniquely according to their themes. For instance, one of the rooms would have birds in cave-like nooks looming over the beds, another a giant kangaroo with glowing red eyes while some rooms even have tribal decorations to enhance the atmosphere.

Each room is equipped with wifi, a mini bar, fireplace, a wardrobe, heating facilities and a seating area. Besides, an en-suite bathroom with shower facilities and toilet is also available for guests while some rooms even have a garden view. These are to ensure that guests would have a satisfying short term or even long term stay.

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