Compelling Reasons to Invest in Cape Coral

The waterside city of Cape Coral, Florida, is a hotspot for aspiring homeowners, landlords and investors, which is why it has been listed in Forbes’ 2016 Best Buy Cities in the United States. Simon Jukes, founder of Qualitas Property International, a leading international property specialist, and Scott Poh, CEO of Qualitas Property Malaysia shares with Top 10 of Malaysia the company’s experience and expansion into Malaysia as well as compelling reasons to invest in Cape Coral amid the current volatile economic climate.

Cape Coral, on the Gulf Coast of Florida and the second largest city in the state by area, boasts stunning natural beauty and a revitalised real estate market and an influx of tourists and job opportunities in sunny Florida bodes well for real estate investors.The city, which was founded in 1957, has apopulation of close to 190,000.

Accessibility is not an issue, with the Fort Myers international airport just 30-minutes away and the bigger Miami Airport and Orlando International Airport around two hours away with flights going all over the world.

Simon Jukes explains, “Cape Coral has so many things going for it. It is the city with the world’s largest canal network, 27 miles of gorgeous coast line and the freehold home sites are currently at a 75% discount from their peak prices in 2006.”

In 2011, Simon and fellow Director Mark Mashiter established Qualitas, a professional real estate investment firm with projects in the UK, US and other global markets. They aim to take advantage of 30 years of combined experience and extensive knowledge in the global property market to bring well-vetted opportunities that are not easily accessible on the open market.

With a 60% rate of referrals and repeat business, Qualitas Global Realty has a well-deserved reputation to deliver exactly what investors want.

Qualitas Property Malaysia was set up to expand its reach in the Asia Pacific region. Led by Scott Poh, the Chief Executive Officer, and Nick Ng, the Managing Director, the Malaysian office upholds Qualitas’ principles of safe and highly-profitable real estate investment.

CEO Scott Poh says, “It’s suitable for people looking for a hassle-free investment that offers a good return in the medium term of not more than three years or as short as 12 months or less. The current opportunity is to invest in land already with planning permission which is ready to be built on. Parcels can be purchased between 25-30% of valuation peak of 2006 providing an effective discount today of up to 75%.”

The minimum investment is US$25,000 for one lot with a 33% return of investment (ROI) guaranteed and 7% interest paid per annum.Cape Coral

“One of our first Malaysian investors has recently exited the investment within six months and received a 40% ROI (33% + 7%). Whereas an investor who exits on the third year of investment can expect to receive a 54% ROI (33%+7%+7%+7%),” says Scott Poh.

The guaranteed exit strategy has certainly been very popular with investors from Malaysia. “Many clients invest in multiple lots due to the 100% tax efficiency of the deal. Each can invest around US$70,000 tax-free, so we often see several people from the same family or friends investing together,” says Nick Ng.

Investors can be assured of getting a clean title as all parcels have been cleared of any potential liens (debts) and outstanding tax bills that could cloud the title. All parcels are delivered by warranty deed with title insurance as an added protection.

“At the outset we will provide you with a Good Faith Estimate detailing all the costs and expenses. We also provide a comprehensive due diligence pack to show the physical lot with tax review, as well as confirming the construction zoning and other attributes,” Mark Mashiter explains.

Investors are most welcome to visit the Cape Coral site and see the exact location of the property.

Major Danny Tong, a civil engineer, who recently visited the project, said the following about Qualitas investment potential, “Why did we invest in Cape Coral? It was not just because of Cape Coral, but it was the product that gives us a good exit plan and a good investment return and at the same time protects our currency.

“To go into US dollars is a plus point and with land I think it is pretty safe. Owning property you cannot go wrong.”

Captain Lek and Diana Lim, both savvy investors and a lovely couple, said, “We have the peace of mind that if in the worst case the ringgit continues to depreciate, we know that a certain proportion of our money is stable and is having a strong potential for income.

“We are thankful that we are not having any tax implication here – it is a zero tax position – and if we bring back the money to Malaysia we are also exempt of tax.”

Edward Cheah, a retired engineer and veteran investor is over the moon when his investment with Qualitas paid off. “I have received my annual returns on time and already had one of my investments with Qualitas pay me 40% in just seven months… much better than any bank!”

For more information on investing in Cape Coral with Qualitas Property Malaysia, phone 017-2755400 / 03-2110 1255 or email

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