A spa is a location where a mineral spring is used to give medicinal baths with health-giving properties. Spas are popular worldwide and it is no exception in Asia. Individual spas have their own properties and features. The highly customizable experience that can be offered and clear health benefits contribute

Supermodels aren’t just pretty faces for they have indeed earned their fame as they have worked hard to be where they are today. All the success doesn’t come easy and many are unaware of the hard work that is put into achieving supermodel status particularly in the entertainment industry. It

Creativity, diversity, quality and innovation are some of the many qualities that are synonymous with the entertainment industry in Singapore. The Lion City has a certain appeal that presents large business opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on a wide range of entertainment options, such as film, radio, theatre, events,

Make-up, skincare products, facial cleansers and the like were originally meant to be catered to the rich and glamorous. However, the beauty industry has evolved tremendously and as more and more people are getting affluent, it is a big business that is growing fast all over the world.  Beauty and

Accuracy, power, conditioning, discipline and years of hard work are some of the known attributes that are required when competing in combat sports such mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, karate and wrestling. So what exactly is a combat sport? A combat sport is also known as a fighting sport and

Golf, a sport associated with the rich and famous, has always been affiliated with luxury. It is known to be the most expensive sport to pick up, but despite it costing a bomb, its popularity has certainly grown over the years, with more and more golf courses and resorts buying

The music industry is constantly evolving and the search for new talent is always arising. Record labels are always searching for fresh faces to sustain the music business. Music is such an important part of everyday life and while there is a growth in talent all over the world, Asia

Social entrepreneurship essentially refers to enterprises that implement techniques to develop, fund and incorporate solutions that benefit or positively impact social, cultural and environmental issues. Here, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its list of the top 10 Malaysian women who share a fierce passion and will in bringing about a

Raising money for whatever purpose can be a daunting process. Great ideas without the financial clout that will turn them into profitable ventures inevitably fizzle out. However, many entrepreneurial sparks have become huge successes due to crowdfunding support. Crowdfunding, a practice of funding a  venture by raising money from a

Even as many brick-and-mortar businesses adapt to the e-commerce business environment, there are up and coming Malaysian retailers that continue to make their presence felt through the retail store concept. While online shopping gains popularity, in-store traffic is not waning as many still get the bulk of their shopping done