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Jam Hsiao is one of Taiwan’s leading singers and is known as the King of Golden Melody. Hsiao did not fit well in school, having been a delinquent since primary school. He tried smoking in 3rd grade and was involved in a brawl at 14. His first inklings of professional

Adam Liaw

It takes a lot of passion, confidence and conviction to venture into a completely new career path and to find immense success in it. In 2010, corporate lawyer Adam Liaw chose the less travelled road when he entered and won the 2010 MasterChef Australia. He then quit his job, and

Aulia Halimatussadiah

More often than not one associates technology entrepreneurs and ventures with young men.  So it is most impressive andinspiring whenone come across a young Indonesian lady who has broken into a largely male-dominated arena and succeeded in her own way. Recently, Top 10 of Asia speaks withAuliaHalimatussadiah, widely known as

Dr Wazir

Renowned throughout the region as a Champion of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, Dato’ Dr Wazir Jahan Begum Karim may be a woman of many hats but her goal is singular – to fight for the rights of the under-represented, underprivileged and under-appreciated communities of developing Southeast Asian nations. A

Making a lasting name for oneself as a legitimate entertainer in this era of viral videos and one-hit wonders (that are shared around on social media one day and forgotten the next) is a challenging one for many an aspiring singer-songwriter. Fortunately for Yunalis Mat Zara’aior fondly known as Yuna,

She may be a well-respected global entrepreneur, socialite and philanthropist but it is the passion in serving the poor and needy that runs deep in Dr Peggy C Wong. This noble trait of hers came as no surprise as she hails from a family of philanthropists. Her passionate interest in

He has a dance persona that is uniquely his own; one that has placed him well apart from the usual crowd of dancers, choreographers and dance masters. Fairly little is written in the media about Ramli Ibrahim or his dance company, Sutra, but both have been busy since the year

Years ago, when one man took a step to further his studies in the United States of America and then decided to call it quits after only completing the first semester, it was no doubt a flip-flop decision on his part. But it was also the beginning of greater things

True to her namesake, Luna Shrestha Thakur has been shining bright in the darkest parts of the recesses of systemic unemployment and disempowerment among youths in Nepal. She is the Founding Director of Change Fusion Nepal, an organisation that promotes social entrepreneurship opportunities for underprivileged Nepalese youths. Top 10 Lifestyle

A Muslim girl and mixed martial arts (MMA) may seem a problematic pairing to some. But Ann “Athena” Osman, the first top-tier Muslim female MMA fighter, relishes breaking stereotypes and proving critics wrong. Top 10 Lifestyle reveals what makes this gutsy Sabahan ‘warrior’ tick. Being a Muslim female in a