Harbin is well known for its cold artic-like climate which provides more than enough snow and ice. Also labelled as the “Ice City”, Harbin is also famous for its ice and snow art plus its amazing ice sculptures and ice lanterns. This fascinating international ice and snow sculpture festival would

Spain’s Cavallino Rampante Theme Park  Ferrari Land has now opened its doors to the public. This is the first Cavallino Rampante theme park in Europe and the second in the world after Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. It occupies an area of 70,000 square metres within the PortAventura World resort, about


Due to the Japanese belief that humans consist of a part mortal and part divine nature, Yabusame allows participants to polish their mental and physical strength and accuracy. Annually hosted, this three-day event is a traditional ceremony where archers dressed in medieval outfits aim for three targets while racing on

South American countries are known for three things; football (without a doubt), party-loving people and huge celebrations; and nothing affirms these more than the Carnival in Rio which takes place before Lent every year. Known as the biggest carnival in the world, The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro sees some

The current leading ladies of the Asian entertainment industry are formidable forces in their own right with their individual brands of specialties and capabilities. Many have become well-recognised household names, due to their relentless efforts in putting on various hats to cater to the growing demands of the industry in