The Bentley Continental GT is a grand tourer manufactured and marketed by Bentley Motors since 2003. The very first introduction of the Bentley Continental GT revolutionised Bentley and set the template and tone of Bentley as we know it. It was also a great boost in terms of sales. In the 15 years since its introduction, the car has sold more than 65,000 worldwide making it one of, if not, the most popular luxury car of modern times.

The new 2020 Continental GT has been completely re-engineered, to a point where Bentley claims the car is 100% brand new. Bentley seems to have backed up their claims as the new Bentley is even much better in every important aspect this time around.

One of the biggest draws is the Continental’s elegant styling and posh interior fitments. The sharp, crisp feature lines of the new Continental range show the influence of the original Bentley R-Type Continental. The muscular haunch line exudes a sense of refined power, while the power line now emerges from between the headlamps, tracing a path down the side of the car. The long wheelbase and short nose lend the car a sense of dynamism, even when viewed at a standstill. Intricately crafted new crystal-effect LED headlamps help define a new face for the Continental, while at the rear, newly designed elliptical lamps shine from within individual polished bezels – their shape reflected in the oval tailpipes.


The interior is highly detailed and full of surprises such as expertly knurled control knobs and double-stitched diamond-patterned seat trim. The cabin is luxurious with the interior swathed in aromatic leather and fine wood veneers that give it a timeless feel. The dashboard is dominated by a 12.3 inch infotainment display that can be made to rotate out from its hidden place behind three small analog gauges that display the exterior air temperature, time and a compass. The latest in Apple and Android entertainment is available together with a digital gauge display that allows the driver to control most of the Continental GT’s functions using controls on the steering wheel.

It rides on a new body structure that uses a quick-shifting eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission to enhance the model’s elegance and performance.  As is Continental GT tradition, two engines will be available: a twin-turbocharged V-8 and a twin-turbocharged W-12. The new Continental is very sporty.  Its ability to go around corners is uncanny. Being able to keep a coupe of the Continental’s weight under tight control defies all expectations. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h in a stunning 3.7 seconds. It also reaches a maximum speed of 333 km/h.

The new 2020 Continental GT has successfully continued the legacy of one of the most successful and defining luxury car models of the modern era. It has a rare combination of elegance, athleticism and luxury of equal measure. Its sense of old-world charm mixed with the very latest in form and function keep customers coming back and its sales, high.

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