Balinese Beauty Secrets for Glowing Skin

Those who have been to Bali will affirm one thing: to know Bali is to experience its spa services. And the reason why Bali’s spa treatments are so well regarded is all thanks to Mother Nature. The impossibly gorgeous island is filled with flowers, herbs and spices, sparkling springs and mountainous terrains that culminate in a potent blend of ancient potions and healing rituals practiced for centuries. If you haven’t already, it’s time you dig deep and discover the secrets for beautiful and rejuvenated skin, the Balinese way.

Stretch Mark Sweeper – Balinese Tummy Mask
The Balinese are the undisputed masters in the art of head to toe pampering. Beauty treatments and rituals are holistic, encompassing the inner and outer body with natural ingredients and methods that recharges the soul, body and spirit. Massages, masks, baths, soaks and scrubs are a way of life from the moment of birth to death there. A popular ritual among pregnant ladies is the application of the Balinese tummy mask. The mask is made with ground rice and ‘kencur’, a ginger-like root, a mixture that promotes skin elasticity and suppleness and keeps the dreaded stretch marks at bay. After the woman gives birth, regular postnatal body massages are given by the midwife, after which, an herbal wrap is placed on the stomach. This helps firm up the muscles, puts the affected internal organs into place, tightens the stomach and aids the woman in regaining her figure.

“Stress-Shedding” Rejuvenating Scrub – Balinese Spice Boreh
Times for indulgences are also made on a daily basis. After a hard day’s work at the rice fields, farmers would treat themselves to a traditional full body scrub called the Balinese Spice Boreh ritual that starts by applying a paste made of crushed rice and spices all over the body. Left on the skin for about 20 minutes, the mask warms the skin and melts away the tension and knots as it dries. The paste is then scrubbed away either in a shower or by soaking in a revitalising bath to remove dead skin cells revealing the smooth glowing skin underneath. To put more kick into the bath, add lemongrass to improve blood circulation, Balinese lime and orange for a boost of essential vitamins, and ginger and pandan leaves to refresh your soul and mind, or fragrant flower petals to cleanse the body and spirit from impurities.
The “Skin-Deep” Beauty Blend – Jamu
And let’s not forget the magical tonic called ‘jamu’. Fresh herbs, fruits and spices are mixed together to make the go-to medicinal drink that helps boost circulation and promotes healthy skin. There are more than 300 jamu recipes today using natural, unprocessed ingredients, handed over from one generation to another for 5,000 years. The main star of this concoction is turmeric, which is famed for its antioxidant benefits. Suffice to say, a glass a day will keep premature aging at bay.

Tropical Treasure – Coconut
Speaking of popular ingredients, this being a tropical island, the coconut is a main feature in every Balinese spa. Coconut milk is used to cleanse the face during facials while the oil is liberally used in massages. Filled with healthy acids, fats bursting with anti-microbial properties and Vitamin E, it is a powerful anti-aging agent and a natural moisturiser. Taken internally, the coconut oil does miracles for your body inside as well as on the outside.
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Flaming Flaws Away – Volcanic Ash
A not-so-common ingredient which is unique to Bali is the volcanic ash gleaned from Mount Agung. This one-of-a-kind mudding experience is offered by the Ubud Sari Spa. The ash (in the form of mud) is heated to 40 degrees Celsius and before you immerse in it for 15 minutes. The benefits of soaking in the mineral-rich volcanic ash are immense. It is an excellent exfoliator for oily skins, and addresses a host of skin problems such as cellulite, blemishes, rashes, wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, acne and more. The ash’s high sulphuric content slows down the aging process by promoting collagen production and protecting the body against environmental pollution.

Simple Satisfaction
We can certainly learn a thing or two about savouring life from the Balinese. While going for daily massages may be a tad too impractical, we can start by practicing simple daily rituals such as a body scrub or a foot soak that will make a world of difference. Your body will thank you for it.

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