January 2018

Measuring the ‘beauty’ of something is never an easy task and coral reefs are no different. Besides being the base of many marine ecosystems housing thousands of marine species, coral reefs are considered to be one of the greatest natural wonders beneath the ocean. They come in diverse shapes, colors

The Lotus Temple also known as the Bahai House of Worship is located in Delhi, India and is one of the most remarkable architectural marvels in the country. Being one of the most visited tourist spots in India, the temple welcomes visitors from all across the globe for meditation, prayers

The Selangor-born Jalaini Abu Hassan, also known as Jai is one of Malaysia’s renowned artists whose work revolves mainly around living objects. His masterpieces have been displayed, privately or publicly, in various art places internationally and locally. Jai has won numerous awards and his works are much sought after as

Luxury timepieces are always fascinating and captivating, created by master horologists whose standards of craftsmanship are more often than not, unparalleled. They make for a powerful statement for the wearer, epitomizing wealth with such refinement and subtlety that cannot be had with flashy cars or over-priced champagne. Top 10 of

The tradition of Loy Krathong is believed to have started in Sukhothai, northern Bangkok around 800 years ago. The Thai word, ‘Loy’ means ‘to float’ while ‘krathong’ means a lotus-shaped vessel, usually made from banana leaves. The festival is celebrated after the main rice harvest season where the Thai people

The BONIA’s Autumn Winter Manhattan Collection is diverse and its style is unsurpassable. The ceaseless passion is inimitable. The handbags were inspired by the city’s glistening reflections and busy avenues. Its design is sleek and tells the story of the city through the lens of the 1960’s. During the 1960’s,

Christmas is a joyful time of the year what with the stunning decorations and exhilarating celebrations the world over. There are those who would travel far and wide to take in the sights and sounds of the season, and also treat themselves to the delectable treats during this time of