March 2016

Alessandro Michele’s eye for detail and unique sense of style speaks sophistication and class. This time, the world-renowned creative director dashed a little Bohemian romance. Taking a look at his latest designs for SS16, Alessandro reimagined the glorious 60’s where shine, sequin, ruffles and bows were what the youths back

South American countries are known for three things; football (without a doubt), party-loving people and huge celebrations; and nothing affirms these more than the Carnival in Rio which takes place before Lent every year. Known as the biggest carnival in the world, The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro sees some

Keep this equation in mind – the more money you have, the more you can afford to pamper yourself. The rich and famous certainly can indulge with elite and classy hobbies and let’s get acquainted with 5 of them. Car Collecting Avid car collectors easily spend millions indulging in this

With over 40 years of excellence in the automotive industry, BMW continues to spring surprises. The age-long auto manufacturer recently unveiled its all-new BMW 7 Series that’s stronger, bolder and more seductive. Say hello to the all-new BMW 740Li and BMW 730Li. Offering affluent comfort paired with the best driving

A walk in the Atlas Mountains, getting off the beaten path to discover another civilization, a stroll through the old streets of the imperial cities, a méharée (camel ride) in the south: every journey is an opportunity to meet Moroccans. Be they intellectuals, craftsmen, artists or simple farmers – they

Great musicians leave great legacies behind. Their extraordinary talents create awe, inspiration and motivation, stirring the soul in fascinating ways, to say the least. But none of these achievements would ever be possible without their signature musical instruments. Eric Clapton’s Gold Leaf Stratocaster by Fender – $455,000 This guitar is

Those who have been to Bali will affirm one thing: to know Bali is to experience its spa services. And the reason why Bali’s spa treatments are so well regarded is all thanks to Mother Nature. The impossibly gorgeous island is filled with flowers, herbs and spices, sparkling springs and

The Bad Boss café is a quintessential café serving comfort food and a place designed specially to de-stress gourm and sand, as its name suggests, for them to gossip about bosses. Nestled in the heart of a business park and close to the city centre, the café turns out to

The hunt for honey has been an integral part of history that began over 8,000 years ago during the Mesolithic era. Apart from it being a natural sweetener, honey was packed along with lindens, berries, and a meadow-flower variety for the deceased in ancient Georgia, to prep them for their

History has it that Langkawi coined its name from the word ‘Helang’ (eagle) and ‘Kiwi’ which denotes reddish brown or strong in old Malay. In fact, the reddish brown eagles or Lang Merah in Malay – can be found on the island. Another reference states that Langkawi derived its name