December 2015

Singapore is the undisputed shining utopia for world-class luxury living, shopping and financial dealings. But did you know that the powerhouse of an island is also responsible for churning some of the most-talked about and well-loved F&B brands? Surrounded by the diverse cultures of neighbouring Southeast Asian countries and beyond,

As one of the biggest emerging economies in the world, Indonesia has always been a country full of opportunities for entrepreneurs with the right game plan. The largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the influential G-20, the island archipelago was once even recognised as the most pro-entrepreneur

Over the years, airports have evolved from being utilitarian stoic buildings with hard plastic seats to be tolerated as briefly as possible before boarding and during transits, to ultra-modern mega hubs where people greet, meet, dine, shop and even indulge in a massage or two. Today’s best airports revolutionised the