September 2015

As Central Asia’s most populous country, Uzbekistan which is situated along the ancient Silk Road is richly endowed with historic splendours. Well-known travellers such as Marco Polo and the warrior Alexander the Great have passed through this hub of trade and cultural exchanges. The names of Uzbek cities have been

It was in 15th century Scotland that the modern game of golf originated but the ancient origins of this club and ball game are unclear and much debated. It takes precision, strength and a whole lot of dexterity when it comes to the game of golf. It is a sport

Making a lasting name for oneself as a legitimate entertainer in this era of viral videos and one-hit wonders (that are shared around on social media one day and forgotten the next) is a challenging one for many an aspiring singer-songwriter. Fortunately for Yunalis Mat Zara’aior fondly known as Yuna,

She may be a well-respected global entrepreneur, socialite and philanthropist but it is the passion in serving the poor and needy that runs deep in Dr Peggy C Wong. This noble trait of hers came as no surprise as she hails from a family of philanthropists. Her passionate interest in

Performing arts, as the inspiring women featured here would agree, is not just about the performance. Behind the lights and pomp are issues that lie close to the hearts of each performer. For some, the mission is to spread socio-political awareness in their message, while for others it is to

A captivating blend of the East and West, “Pearl of the Orient” embodies the contemporary while preserving its traditions and ancient charm. Historically, Penang was the channel between Asia’s two halves and the port to the markets of Europe and the Middle East due to its strategic location at the

Malaysians have come a long way since the nation got its independence from the British in 1957. Albeit Malaysia is a rather young country, a host of noteworthy luminaries have arisen in the span of 58 years – from entertainers to sportsmen and even politicians. Not only have they inspired

In its latest generation, the new Porshe Boxster GTS and Cayman GTS take on the renowned Gran Turismo Sport (GTS) principle – signalling top-end dynamics on authentic sport cars that deliver both race track performance and everyday usability with power-boosted engines and an excellent PASM chassis.  The new range topping