July 2015

With the seemingly never-ending hours, having to squirm in your seat, and the obnoxious couple next to you keeping you awake at night, flying isn’t exactly a favorite pastime for many folks. Cue business class suites, which allow you to fly in relative privacy, comfort and with free-flow champagne if

Bombay Palace bids adieu to its old colonial-inspired bungalow along Jalan Sultan Ismail and has now settled in their new home at KL Live Centre. As you walk in, you are quickly entranced by its regal atmosphere – grand furnishings apt for royals and waiters dressed in khaki and cummerbunds

Helmed by Hong Kong’s own Alan Tam and Hacken Lee, this much raved-about chain restaurant serves nothing short of some good old Hong Kong delicacies. After its three successful openings in Hong Kong, StarZ Kitchen has expanded their franchise to Macau, Shenzhen, Shanghai as well as its latest outlet in

Cities are often thought of as a collection of lifeless buildings but some have managed to envelope themselves in a sheet of allure and timeless charm. Top10Lifestyles.com now gives you a glimpse of some must-see cities and why they should make your travel list.   Paris, France Some call it

Once the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty offers visitors its spectacular natural beauty as well as dramatic and impressive city life. Located on the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau in the extreme southeast of Kazakhstan is Almaty, where the word literally means ‘city of apple trees’. Its relatively mild climate

As Malaysia completely immerses itself in globalisation and rapid progress in pursuit of a developed nation status, it becomes rarer and rarer to find a place to escape to when the urban jungle becomes too much to handle. Places of interest that were once haven to the weary urbanite are

He has a dance persona that is uniquely his own; one that has placed him well apart from the usual crowd of dancers, choreographers and dance masters. Fairly little is written in the media about Ramli Ibrahim or his dance company, Sutra, but both have been busy since the year

Years ago, when one man took a step to further his studies in the United States of America and then decided to call it quits after only completing the first semester, it was no doubt a flip-flop decision on his part. But it was also the beginning of greater things

True to her namesake, Luna Shrestha Thakur has been shining bright in the darkest parts of the recesses of systemic unemployment and disempowerment among youths in Nepal. She is the Founding Director of Change Fusion Nepal, an organisation that promotes social entrepreneurship opportunities for underprivileged Nepalese youths. Top 10 Lifestyle

A Muslim girl and mixed martial arts (MMA) may seem a problematic pairing to some. But Ann “Athena” Osman, the first top-tier Muslim female MMA fighter, relishes breaking stereotypes and proving critics wrong. Top 10 Lifestyle reveals what makes this gutsy Sabahan ‘warrior’ tick. Being a Muslim female in a