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Years ago, when one man took a step to further his studies in the United States of America and then decided to call it quits after only completing the first semester, it was no doubt a flip-flop decision on his part. But it was also the beginning of greater things


True to her namesake, Luna Shrestha Thakur has been shining bright in the darkest parts of the recesses of systemic unemployment and disempowerment among youths in Nepal. She is the Founding Director of Change Fusion Nepal, an organisation that promotes social entrepreneurship opportunities for underprivileged Nepalese youths. Top 10 Lifestyle


A Muslim girl and mixed martial arts (MMA) may seem a problematic pairing to some. But Ann “Athena” Osman, the first top-tier Muslim female MMA fighter, relishes breaking stereotypes and proving critics wrong. Top 10 Lifestyle reveals what makes this gutsy Sabahan ‘warrior’ tick. Being a Muslim female in a


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