Yacht is everything it is perceived to be – a quintessence of luxury lifestyle, a status symbol and even convenience for that matter. Dating back to the 16th centuries, the Dutch navy used these vessels as a means of detaining pirates. It was then conveyed to England from the Netherlands,

“Life is a cycle, there will be ups and downs” can never be more accurate for the economy. There are good times, there are bad times and when things get rough, you should know what to do to hold on and build your empire. Here’s Top10’s tips on how to

As one of Asia’s hotbeds of young, creative and inspiring talents, Indonesia’s rich cultural and artistic heritage remains undisputed. Hot in its heels is its burgeoning blogging community, one that is slowly but surely making their mark in today’s digitally connected society. This issue of Top 10 of Asia features

Thailand may be world-famous for its resplendent beaches and glorious food, but it has also produced a number of young entrepreneurial talents whose passion and innovation have propelled them to dizzying heights. Small wonder for a country with a population of over 67 million, a US$387 billion GDP and an

Singapore is the undisputed shining utopia for world-class luxury living, shopping and financial dealings. But did you know that the powerhouse of an island is also responsible for churning some of the most-talked about and well-loved F&B brands? Surrounded by the diverse cultures of neighbouring Southeast Asian countries and beyond,

As one of the biggest emerging economies in the world, Indonesia has always been a country full of opportunities for entrepreneurs with the right game plan. The largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the influential G-20, the island archipelago was once even recognised as the most pro-entrepreneur

Over the years, airports have evolved from being utilitarian stoic buildings with hard plastic seats to be tolerated as briefly as possible before boarding and during transits, to ultra-modern mega hubs where people greet, meet, dine, shop and even indulge in a massage or two. Today’s best airports revolutionised the

It was in 15th century Scotland that the modern game of golf originated but the ancient origins of this club and ball game are unclear and much debated. It takes precision, strength and a whole lot of dexterity when it comes to the game of golf. It is a sport

Performing arts, as the inspiring women featured here would agree, is not just about the performance. Behind the lights and pomp are issues that lie close to the hearts of each performer. For some, the mission is to spread socio-political awareness in their message, while for others it is to

Malaysians have come a long way since the nation got its independence from the British in 1957. Albeit Malaysia is a rather young country, a host of noteworthy luminaries have arisen in the span of 58 years – from entertainers to sportsmen and even politicians. Not only have they inspired